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Arms Control Reporter Price List and Order Form

Note: The order form at the bottom of this page is not yet active. Please check back in a couple of days. Thank you.


This page gives information on Arms Control Reporter subscription rates and discounts, followed by a subscription and information-request order form.

Pricing Policy
IDDS reference publications are fully self-supporting through subscription income. We do not accept advertising and do not receive grants from governments or foundations to support the research or production costs. We do, however, offer reduced rates for CD and on-line products, for which production and stocking costs are much lower. In addition, we offer special discounts in an effort to insure that anyone with a serious interest in the publications will be able to afford them. Discounts are not provided automatically; they must be requested in advance of the purchase.

To facilitate study of military and arms control affairs and promote informed debate on and input into the policymaking process, IDDS makes its reference works available to public libraries, college and university libraries, and some nonprofit organizations at deeply discounted open-access rates. These rates are not available to those who provide the bulk of the income that supports work on the publications:
- National or international government departments, agencies, or military colleges or research centers;
- Profit-making business firms;
- Nonprofit organizations that are supported by government contracts and conduct classified research; or
- Nonprofit organizations that do not have either libraries open to the public or else widely-circulated publications or web sites that use our publications as a source.
Special Request: For individuals and organizations unable to subscribe at the lowest rates offered, we will be glad to consider offering an extra discount by special request. Please send an email or letter explaining your special circumstances or need to IDDS Director Dr Randall Forsberg (
Agency Discount: We offer periodical subscription agencies a 5 percent agency discount off the actual rate charged.
New Subscriber: To encourage libraries and individuals to try our publications and increase circulation, we offer new subscribers and former subscribers a 50 percent new subscriber discount off the applicable rates for the first two years.
Late New Subscription: Since Arms Control Reporter subscriptions are available by calendar year only, we offer new subscriptions starting with the combined August-September issue an additional 50 percent off the first year, if an order for the next year is placed at the same time.
Early Renewal: We offer a 10 percent discount for renewal payments received before 31 December of the preceding year. This discount must be requested or taken at the time of payment and is not available for subscriptions renewed through subscription agencies.

Arms Control Reporter 2005-2006 Rates

Calendar year,
11 issues per year,
Aug-Sept combined

Local public libraries;
college and university libraries; and nonprofit libraries
with public access
Renewal / New Subcription

All government and business subscribers; government, military, and restricted access libraries; nonprofits without public access
Renewal / New Subscription

On Line
$ 299 / $150
$ 799 / $400
$ 399 / $200
$ 899 / $450
On Line & CD
$ 499 / $250
$ 999 / $500
$ 599 / $300
$ 1099 / $550
Paper & On Line
$ 699 / $350
$ 1199 / $600
Paper & CD
$ 799 / $350
$ 1299 / $650
Paper & On Line & CD
$ 899 / $450
$ 1399 / $700

Other Arms Control Reporter Subscription Information

Timing of issues: All issues are written, printed, and mailed after the month indicated in the name of the issue. The December issue, for example, is usually mailed around 15 January. Coverage for given year is not completed until the January issue of the next year, which is usually mailed around 15 February; in some cases, final coverage for a given year appears in later. We ensure that all subscribers (including those who may not renew) receive complete coverage of the negotiations for the year of their subscription.
Postage costs and delivery times: All CDs are mailed by first class mail (first class air mail to overseas addresses). Hard copy issues in the United States are mailed by second class (periodical) mail and usually arrive in 7-10 days. Hard copy issues to addresses outside the United States are mailed by overseas bulk air mail and usually arrive 14-20 days after they are mailed. Postage costs are included in the subscription price for CDs and for hard copy subscriptions in the United States. Subscribers to the hard copy format with addresses outside the USA, please add $25 to cover the extra mailing cost.
ACR subscriber number: All subscribers have an ACR subscriber number. To renew, you must include this number with your payment. Because we have a number of subscribers with closely similar organizational names and addresses, we cannot take responsibility for crediting your account properly unless we have your ACR subscriber number.
Contact information: To renew or to order a new subscription, please contact Doug Thacher, Circulation Manager: email, fax 617-354-1450, call 617-354-4337, or write IDDS, 675 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA 02139, USA.
Form of payment: Payment may be made by: (1) check in US dollars drawn on a US bank, (2) credit card (contact Doug Thacher by mail, email, or telephone with your card type, number, expiration date, and billing address), or (3) wire transfer to: Citizens Bank, Riverside, Rhode Island, USA, ABA No. 011500120, Institute for Defense and Disarmament Studies NOW Account No.113074-533-0. For wire transfers and for payments by American Express, please add $15 to cover the extra costs that we incur in processing the payment.

Arms Control Reporter Order and Information Request Form

To place an order for the Arms Control Reporter and make a payment through a secure server, or to request information about ordering, please fill in the following form. For information requests, we generally reply within a few hours. For all requests, we require a first and last name and an email address.

* Email:
Prefix: * First Name: * Last Name: Suffix:

Organization / Affiliation: Title / Position:
Street Address:
City: State (for US residents only):
Zip / Postal Code: Country (USA, UK, Canada, India, Japan, etc):
Phone: Fax:

Details of your Arms Control Reporter Subscription or Information Request

For subscriptions, please fill in the amount that corresponds with your organization's status (open-access or standard, new subscriber or renewing subscriber) and your desired format and, for new subscribers, subscription year (2006 or 2005+2006).

On line
On Line & CD
Paper & On Line
$ 699
Paper & CD
Paper & On Line & CD
or 2005+2006
or 2005+2006

On Line
$150 / $225
$400 / $600
$200 / $300
$450 / $675
On Line & CD
$250 / $375
$500 / $750
$300 / $450
$550 / $825
Paper & On Line
$350 / $525
$600 / $900
Paper & CD
$400 / $600
$650 / $975
Paper & On Line & CD
$450 / $675
$700 / $1050

* New subscribers may subscribe to the full year's version of 2005 in addition to 2006 at half price, by using the combined price on the right, shown in italics. New subscribers will be offered the same rate for 2007 before moving to the regular renewal rate. The new subscriber rate is available to former subscribers. Please contact Circulation Manager Doug Thacher (see contact info above) for prices and availability of back volumes to complete your series.

2005 IDDS, 675 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA 02139, USA