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IDDS Internship Application

Please submit this application and a cover letter plus CV or resume as attachments emailed to the Internship Coordinator at

Internship Period Indicate the term for which you are applying and the number of hours per week you plan to work:
    Summer 1 June-20 Aug: ____hrs/wk.       Autumn 7 Sept-20 Nov: ____hrs/wk

10 Jan/10 Feb-20 April: ____hrs/wk.    Please add comments, if any, on the potential dates for internship, days of the week you will be available, and other work or study commitments:


Personal Information Name: _________________________________________________________

School Phone: ____________________________ Cell Phone: _______________________________

Permanent Phone: ________________________

School/Other Email Addresses in Active Use: _____________________________________________

College or University currently attending: _________________________________________________

Current Address: ___________________________________________________________________

Permanent Address: ________________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Name/Number: _________________________________________________

Standing current/upcoming year: __Junior __Senior __Graduate __Grad Student __________Other

Major/Minor: ____________________________________________GPA:  ____overall    ____major

Past or Expected Date of Graduation: __________________

Language Skills Native Language: _______________________

Other Language: _________________________________(B)eginner, (I)ntermediate, (E)xpert?

Other Language: _________________________________(B)eginner, (I)ntermediate, (E)xpert?

Other Language: _________________________________(B)eginner, (I)ntermediate, (E)xpert?

Computer Program Skills Please indicate proficiency: (B)eginner, (S)ome use, (M)uch use, (E)xpert

___HTML ___Access ___PowerPoint ___Photoshop ___Dreamweaver ___Excel

In your cover letter, please mention courses you have taken that are pertinent to IDDS’s work and mission. After reviewing current IDDS areas of research in the Internship Program, indicate the topics on which you would like to work. Also, please let us know what you like to get out of the IDDS internship and what you think you can bring to IDDS.Your CV or resume should include previous internships, jobs, travel, volunteer activities, honors, etc.


2005 IDDS, 675 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA 02139, USA