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IDDS Staff and Interns 2005

Dr Randall Caroline Forsberg,Executive Director
Douglas Thacher, Research Associate and Circulation Manager
Matthew Hoey, Research Associate
Courtney Stewart, Research Associate
Alex Brown, Computer and IT Consultant
Ronald Siegel, Military Technology and Strategy Consultant
Kirsten Waerstad, Graphic Design Consultant

Fall Interns, September-November 2005
Summer Interns, June-August 2005
Past Interns, June 2004-May 2005


Founder and Executive Director since 1980

Inn 1980 Dr Randall ("Randy") Forsberg founded IDDS, an independent nonprofit center for research and education on ways to reduce the risk of war, minimize the burden of military spending, and promote democratic institutions. At IDDS, Forsberg publishes the Arms Control Reporter, a monthly reference journal, and she is the series editor of the annually updated IDDS World Arms Database: Holdings, Production, and Trade. Forsberg has authored or co-authored: Abolishing War: Culture and Institutions (with Elise Boulding,, 1998), Nonproliferation Primer (MIT Press, 1995), The Arms Production Dilemma: Contraction and Restraint in the World Combat Aircraft Industry (MIT Press, 1994), Cutting Conventional Forces (IDDS, 1989), Peace Resource Book (Lexington Books, 1985), The Price of Defense (New York Times Co, 1979), and Resources Devoted to Military Research and Development, An International Comparison (SIPRI, 1972).
    Forsberg has contributed to Scientific American, International Security, Technology Review, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, World Policy Journal, and other journals. She is the editor of the forthcoming IDDS annual survey, ArmsWatch 2005: Global Trends, Prospects, and Policy Options. Forsberg worked at SIPRI, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, starting in 1968, and was a regular contributor to the SIPRI Yearbook of World Armaments and Disarmament, writing on US and Soviet nuclear weapons, until 1979. Her article on "Soviet Military R&D Spending," published in the second SIPRI Yearbook, caused the US Defense Department to publicly withdraw unreliable estimates of such spending.
    In 1980 Forsberg wrote the "Call to Halt the Nuclear Arms Race," the four-page manifesto that launched the national Nuclear Weapon Freeze Campaign. After founding the Freeze Clearinghouse, she co-chaired the Freeze Campaign’s National Advisory Board in 1980–1984.
    In 1988, building on a multi-year research program on ways to reduce the risk of conventional war, Forsberg co-chaired a international conference on the topic with Soviet Academician Yevgeny Primakov, head of the Institute on the World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO), who became Soviet Foreign Minister soon thereafter. Forsberg and other US participants, including former US ambassadors to talks on Mutual and Balance Force Reductions Stanley Resor and Jonathan Dean and RAND Sovietologist Dr Ted Warner, met with senior Soviet Foreign and Defense Ministry officials to discuss confidence-building measures that might be taken by the USSR prior to start of talks for a Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe. Several of the measures they proposed were implemented by Soviet President Gorbachev between October 1988 and March 1989.
    In November 1989, shortly before President George H W Bush's first meeting with Gorbachev, Forsberg gave a briefing at Camp David on US-Soviet arms control issues to President Bush and his foreign policy and security Cabinet officials, including Vice-President Quayle, Secretary of State Baker, Chief of Staff Sununu, National Security Advisor Scowcroft, CIA Director Gates, and National Security Council staff members Bob Blackwill and Condoleezza Rice. In 1995 Forsberg was appointed by President Clinton to the Director's Advisory Committee of the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency.
    In 2001 Forsberg participated in several conferences in South Korea on the future of North-South Korean and US relations–one hosted by the South Korean Institute for Strategic Studies, another by the South Korean National Defense Unviersity, and the third by a coalition of peace groups.
    In 1983 Forsberg received a five-year MacArthur Foundation Fellowship in recognition of her work in defense studies and arms control. She has received honorary doctorates from the University of Notre Dame and Governors State University (IL). Since 1975 she has given well over1000 public lectures on peace, arms control, and disarmament issues throughout the United States and in several dozen other countries. Forsberg has also given testimony for the US Congress, lectured at West Point, the Air Force Academy, the US National Defense University, the German equivalent (Fuhrungsakademie), and the Swedish Parliament, and conferred privately with senior government officials in several countries
. Contact:

Douglas Thacher, Circulation Manager and Research Associate (Major Conventional Weapon Production and Trade)
BA Boston University, MBA Northeastern University
Thacher was been solely responsible for compiling the data on world navies originally published in the IDDS World Arms Database (2000), and he has continued to supervise all research in this area. In addition, he maintains a comprehensive database, updated monthly, on production and trade contracts for all types of major weapons worldwide. This information is used in the Conventional Arms Restraints section of the Arms Control Reporter, and it is a key source of acquisition data for annual updates of the IDDS World Arms Database. Thacher is also the circulation manager for the Arms Control Reporter and other publications. He began working at IDDS on a part-time basis in 1988 and has been employed full time with IDDS since 1995. Contact:

Matthew Hoey, Research Associate (Missile Defense and Weaponization of Space)
Hoey is a contributing editor for the Arms Control Reporter, where he writes on missile defense and space issues; and he will author a section on these topics in the forthcoming IDDS publication ArmsWatch. Hoey is also responsible for several IDDS public relations and marketing projects. Before joining the IDDS staff, Hoey worked on national, state and local political campaigns. He also worked in commercial marketing and volunteered with human rights organizations. He joined IDDS as an intern in September 2004 and became a Research Associate in December 2004. Contact:

Courtney Stewart, Research Associate (Nuclear Weapon and Missile Proliferation)
BA Political Science and History, UCLA cum laude
At UCLA Stewart completed two honors theses: “Arsenal of Democracy: US arms transfers to Sub-Saharan Africa” and “Waking the Sleeping Bruin: UCLA campus experience during the Vietnam antiwar movement.” The latter received the Appleby Prize for Best American History Undergraduate Thesis and earned Highest Honors. Stewart is a contributing editor for Arms Control Reporter; she maintains a comprehensive database on worldwide missile programs, and she will contribute a section on missile proliferation to the forthcoming IDDS survey ArmsWatch 2005. Stewart is also a research assistant with the Managing the Atom Project at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, where she is currently working on a forthcoming MTA publication on radiological weapons. Stewart joined IDDS as an intern in June 2004 and became a Research Associate in September 2004. Contact:

Modeline Telfort, Research Associate (UN fora, CWC, BWC, Landmines, Small Arms, CTBT )
MA Political Science, U Mass Amherst; BA Economics and French, U Mass Amherst; Diplome Superieur d’Etude Française 3eme degré (Master’s), French Studies, Université de Haute Normandie, Rouen France.
Telfort is fluent in French as well as her native Haitian-Creole, and has intermediate level Spanish ability (studied in Cuernavaca, Mexico). She has taught high school French, and math and English in Gabon (in French). She was an intern at the University of North Caroline Summer Nonproliferation Institute (June 2003) before working as anIDDS intern from July 2003 until July 2004. In August 2004 Telfort began working as a contributing editor for theIDDS Arms Control Reporter, where she covers UN arms control fora, the chemical and biological weapon bans, the landmine ban, efforts to control small arms and light weapons, and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. Telfort will contribute a section on trends in armaments and military policy in Latin America to the forthcoming IDDS survey ArmsWatch 2005.

Alex Brown, Computer and IT Consultant
After ending a 30-year career in software for distributed systems and networks in 2001 as a software architect in telecommunications, Alex Brown is now a student and researcher in geoscience and remote sensing, cartography and planning, and GIS applications for development and environment at Clark University. Since the 1980s Brown has assisted various public interest groups with computer and network support, has assisted in computer-related development aid through TecsChange (, He has also organized public education programs through the Boston Chapter of IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology, a special interest group on technology and policy within the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers. In 2004–2005 he assisted the ACLU of Massachusetts in preparing public education programs on issues of telecommunications privacy and surveillance, and electronic election systems and voting rights. Since 2001 Brown has served as a volunteer IT staff person for IDDS, and secretary of the IDDS board. Contact:, 617 308 9456

Ronald Siegel, Military Technology and Strategy Consultant
BS, MS Massachusetts Institute of Technology
At MIT, Mr Siegel conducted research in the fields of defense policy and energy policy. This included work on the European conventional military balance, strategic targeting options, nuclear winter, nuclear power and weapons proliferation, Soviet naval forces, and plans for handling an oil import cutoff. In 1984-85, he was a research associate at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London. More recently he has worked on the foreign policy implications of global warming. At IDDS, he is the author of two occasional papers: The Ballistic Missile Programs of Iran, Iraq, and North Korea (2001) and The Artillery Bombardment of Seoul (forthcoming, 2006).

Kirsten Waerstad, Graphic Design Consultant (volunteer)
BA Auburn University, BS U Alabama, Birmingham; Graphic Design Certificate, School of Museum of Fine Arts.
In 2002, Ms Waerstad founded Creative Earth, a graphic design company that creates promotional materials for various community and non-profit projects, particularly those that increase their internet capabilities. Before founding CreativeEarth, she was the Project Manager at Pyramid Digital Solutions, where she advised on projects related to corporate branding. Waerstad was also a co-founder and former Executive Vice President of Captivo, an online PersonalInformation Management system. Waerstad began volunteering for IDDS to assist with graphic design projects that include the new logo design, and media material for the IDDS 2005th anniversary.

Fall Interns September-November 2005

Jonathan Goren
, Cliffside Park, NJ
Boston University senior, majoring in International Relations and Political Science. Studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina in Fall 2004. Held internships with the The National Coalition for Haitian Rights, Social Accountability International, WorldBoston, and for District Office of US Senator Frank R. Lautenberg, Newark, NJ.

Cindy Nguy, Malden, MA
Harvard College Social Anthropology (Honors) student. Nguy is a native Cantonese speaker, and speaks fluent Spanish.

Momoko Sato
, Huntington Beach, CA
Boston University senior majoring in History, Political Science, and International Relations. Studied abroad at St. Anne's College, University of Oxford, England in Fall 2004. Sato has interned with the Office of US Senator Dianne Feinstein (DC), and Oxfam America. Speaks intermediate Japanese.

Sara Wasserteil,
Boston, MA
Boston University, International Relations major, with a regional track of Middle East and African Studies, and a foreign policy and security studies functional track. Interned with Human Rights First (NY),and the Office of Massachusetts State Representative Steven Walsh, Boston. Has limited proficiency in Arabic, Hebrew, and Japanese.

David Zikusoka,
Princeton Junction, NJ
College Undergraduate. Took a year off to work as the education director at a Boys & Girls Club. Speaks intermediate Spanish, Luganda and Lusoga. Began internship at IDDS in summer 2005.

Summer Interns June-August 2005

Gayle Argon, Wynnewood, PA
Duke University Undergraduate, majoring in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations. She is a fellow of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and knows intermediate French and advanced Hebrew.

David Berenbaum, Ambler, PA
Duke University Undergraduate, majoring in Political science with an interest in foreign affairs. Has experienced the tensions between Japan and China by studying abroad, contributing to his Japanese language skills and his interests in the politics of Asia.

Chris Bragg, Denver, Colorado
Duke University Graduate, majoring in Political Science and pursuing a career in journalism. Has taken classes on Chinese Politics and Democratization in Asia as well as traveling to Southeast Asia and learning to appreciate the foreign cultures found there.

Tristan Clerihew, Pittsford , VT
Graduate at Pepperdine University's School of Public Policy, received his bachelor's degree in Political Science from SienaCollege. While interning for Campus Action he worked on the Urgent Call petition and wrote an article for their web site.

Michael Di Marco, Wyckoff, NJ
Duke University Undergraduate pursuing degrees in International Relations and Public Policy. He has
worked in U.S. Representative Steve Rothman’s office and for the Fund for Public Interest Research.

Zachary Klein, Maplewood, NJ
Tufts University Undergraduate, majoring in Political Science. Has taken many classes concerning International Relations, and maintains a positive interest in doing research on weapons programs in Northeast Asia.

Juan Miguel Maldonado, Woodbridge, NJ
Undergraduate at Boston College, majoring in Political studies with a minor in International Studies. Born in Peru, he immigrated to the US and has been excitedly pursuing his interest in current global issues involving the Middle East,
Central Eurasia, Northern Ireland, and Palestine.

Penelope Simmons, Atlanta, GA
Simmons a master's in international relations from the Georgia Tech University in 2005. She is currently working in the Office of the Governor of Georgia.

Interns June 2004-May 2005

Rachel Acheson,
Toronto, Canada
University of Toronto Graduate, Peace and Conflict Studies.
Acheson was a summer 2004 intern.

Benjamin Aronson, Chestnut Hill, MA
Brown University Undergraduate, International Relations. He knows beginning Spanish, has advanced Latin skills, and participates in extracurricular and volunteer activities. Aronson was a summer 2004 intern.

Philip Bowman, Atlanta, GA
Tech. Graduate, International Relations and Public Policy.
He knows beginning Russian. Bowman was a summer 2004 intern.

Kathryn E Britton, North Attleboro, MA
B.A. International Relations, George Washington. Fluent in Spanish, worked with La Raza in Washington, DC. Britton began her IDDS internship in February 2005.

Adrienne L Buckman, Bismark, ND
Tufts University Graduate, International Relations. She is fluent in Spanish, has spent her junior year in London, and is on the Dean’s list. Buckman has been an intern since fall 2004.

Amie Sunghee Chang, Arcadia, CA
Boston College Graduate, Political Science with International Studies minor. Fluent in Korean and Mandarin Chinese, Institute of International Public Policy five-year fellowship, junior year in China (Beijing and Shanghai) supported by Institute of International Education Scholarship. Previous fellowships with U. Maryland Leadership Institute and the Clark Atlanta University of Public Policy Institute. Chang has been an intern since fall 2004.

Christoper Conroy, Situate, MA
B.A. Amherst College. Conroy will join the Peace Corps following his IDDS internship. Conroy began his IDDS internship in February 2005.

Kimberly Folk, North Bethesda, MD
Tufts University Graduate, International Relations and Spanish.
She spent a full emersion semester abroad in Madrid, Spain in spring 2004. Folk previously interned at the US Institute of Peace under Dr. Michael Dziedzic during the summers of 2003 and 2004. Since interning at IDDS in spring 2004, she has pursued a Paralegal position before attending law school.

Jill Friedman, Denver, CO
Finishing Tufts University, International Relations.
Fluent in Spanish, does many extracurricular activities. Friedman began her IDDS internship in September 2004.

Nathalie Hammink,
Baltimore, MD
Brown University Graduate, International Relations, fluent in French, did a summer study in Paris (‘03) and Spain (‘02), went to high school in Tel Aviv, intern with Bat Shalom. Hammink was a summer 2004 intern.

Paul Heroux, MA
B.A. Psychology University of Southern California; MS Criminology University of Pennsylvania; MS Criminology (May 2005). Residency and work experience in Saudi Arabia. Speaking, writing and reading Arabic proficiency. Heroux was a summer 2004 intern.

Eydritt Joensen, Faero Islands, (Denmark)
University of Southampton (UK) B.A., Politics and International Relations. She is fluent in Danish, German, Spanish, and spend summer 2003 as volunteer in Ecuador. Joesen was a summer 2004 intern. Since interning at IDDS Joensen has worked toward her MA in International Relations in the UK.

Akbar Khalid, Mumbai, India
B.A. International Studies, Boston College.
His extracurricular activities have included an internship with Congressman Scott Garrett (R-NJ), (summer ‘04), Action for Good Governance and Networking in India (summer ‘03). Khalid began his IDDS internship in February 2005.

Eric D. Koch, Newton, MA
George Washington University Graduate, International Relations. Previous internships include: the Embassy of Cyprus, Voting Rights Commission DNC, Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA). He has also worked as a Staff Writer and Editorial Assistant at the Jewish Institute for National Security Analysis. He has a German-Greek family background and is knowledgeable on Greek-Turkish relations. Koch was a summer 2004 intern.

Stephanie Levinsky,
Easton, MA
Boston University Graduate, International Relations. Since interning at IDDS, Levinsky has spent her senior year in Israel. She is knowledgeable in Middle Eastern Studies, and has reading and conversational knowledge of Arabic and Hebrew. Levinsky was a summer 2004 intern.

Simona Marlow,
Miami, FL
B.A. Political Science and International Affairs, University of Miami.
Fluent in Italian, Spanish, French; and basic Chinese and Arabic. Participated in ISODARCO (International School on Disarmament and Research on Conflicts), in January 2005, in Andalo, Italy. Marlow began her IDDS internship in February 2005.

Elise Moussa, Chestnut Hill, MA
B.A. Political Science and International Studies, Boston College. Fluent in Arabic, Spanish, and French. Since interning at IDDS she was preparing for the NASD exams to become a financial advisor for American Express, Waltham office. Moussa was a fall 2004 IDDS intern.

Seth Purcell, Hingham, MA
Tufts University Graduate, Political Science. He is on the Dean’s List, a National Honors Society Member, National Latin Exam scholar, and participates in numerous extracurricular activities. Purcell began his IDDS internship in the summer of 2004.

Adam Shoop, Chicago, IL
Emerson College Graduate, Political Science. His extracurricular activities include Kent State archive and Fair Trade activities. Shoop was a summer 2004 intern.

Taro Tsuda, Shrewsbury, MA
Georgetown University School of Foreign Service Undergraduate (on leave academic year 2004-2005), International Politics, 3.95 GPA. He has a part-time editorial internship at the Atlantic Monthly. His previous internships include: the Office of Senator Edward M Kennedy (DC, Boston); the Office of Congressman James P McGovern (DC); and a research assistantship at Harvard University’s Program on US-Japan Relations. He is currently working as a consultant at IDDS. His research interests include international relations theory and security, focused on East Asia and Japan. Speaks in French, Japanese, and Hungarian. Tsuda began his IDDS internship in the fall of 2004.

Matthew York, Everett, MA
B.A. Political Science, concentration in international relations, Stonehill College. Between January-May 2003 he studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland. York was a summer 2004 intern. Since his IDDS experience he has become an Administrative Assistant at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health-Bioterrorism Preparedness Program.


2005 IDDS, 675 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA 02139, USA