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IDDS and Nuclear Freeze 25th Anniversary Events
—Registration and Donation Form
Friday-Sunday, 21–23 October 2005


Event Summary

  • Friday Panels with Freeze Co-Founder Randall Forsberg, Harvard KSG Professor Graham Allison, UCS Scientist David Wright, and others (21 Oct, 4 pm–7 pm): New Threats and Responses. Co-sponsored by the MIT Center for International Studies, MIT Green Building, Room 54-100
  • Saturday Panels with Keynote Speaker Congressman Ed Markey and many others (D-MA) (22 Oct, 8 am–5:30 pm): Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament — The Way Forward. Co-sponsored by the MIT Technology and Culture Forum, MIT Compton Labs Building, Room 26-100
  • Saturday Reception with Nick Carter, Dr Helen Caldicott, Rev William Sloane Coffin (22 Oct, 6 pm–8 pm): The Nuclear Freeze at 25 — Celebration, Education, Inspiration. Co-sponsored by the MIT Technology and Culture Forum, MIT Vannevar Bush Building Lobby (Bldg 13)
  • Saturday Morrison Memorial Luncheon (22 Oct, 12–1:45 pm): In Honor of Philip Morrison, a Morrison Disarmament Fellowship. Remarks: Congressman Ed Markey, John Pike, Randy Forsberg, James Carroll*, Kosta Tsipis*, Paul Walker, Priscilla McMillan, Charles Weiner, Herb Lin. Co-sponsored by the MIT Technology and Culture Forum as a tribute to the IDDS and Forum founding Board Member, MIT Faculty Club
  • Sunday IDDS 25th Anniversary Luncheon (23 Oct, 12–2 pm): IDDS 25th Fête. Celebrate, reminisce, and catch up with DDS alums, friends, and family at a $15 buffet lunch ($5 for children 5-12) at the India Castle Restaurant, 928 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge.

Except for luncheons all events are free and open to the public, but registration is required. To avoid a wait to register at the door and help us ensure adequate space, please register now by using this form or calling IDDS at 617-354-IDDS (4337). Advance registration is required for the luncheons.

To register, please give your name and email address below, and, in the table at the bottom of the page, indicate the number of persons (1, 2, etc) you are registering for each event. In addition to your name and email address, IDDS would welcome other information to facilitate contact for future activities, events, and campaigns.
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Payments and Donations:

Saturday Luncheon and Philip Morrison Disarmament Fellowship
: The Saturday luncheon will raise funds for an endowed fellowship in memory of our founding Board member MIT astrophysicist, science educator, and disarmament advocate Philip Morrison. For those who plan to attend the luncheon, we request a tax-deductible donation of $100 per person or more (to the Fellowship Fund or to other IDDS projects), in addition to the luncheon cost of $25/per person.
Each year, half of donations to the Fellowship Fund will be added to the endowment; the other half will be used to support current Fellowship activities. The printed luncheon program and the web site for the Morrison Fellowship will display the names of Fellowship and IDDS Friends ($100 donation), Angels ($250), Patrons ($500), Founders ($1000), and Leadership Council Members ($2000 or more) (unless you ask to remain anonymous). Fellowship Fund Founders and Leadership Council Members will be invited to review and comment on Fellowship activities and plans from time to time.

Donations to Other IDDS Programs and Projects: We also need and welcome support for our critically needed College Outreach and Internship Programs, our annual ArmsWatch survey, and other projects. We would be very grateful for tax-deductible donations to sustain this on-going work, with which we hope to multiply the numbers of informed, concerned citizens.

Luncheon Payments: include a luncheon payment of $15 per person ($5 each for children) for the IDDS 25th Anniversary Luncheon on Sunday, and $25 per person (in addition to your tax-deductible donation) for the Morrison Luncheon on Saturday.

Can't Come to the Anniversary Events?: IDDS welcomes tax-deductible donations to the Morrison Fellowship or other projects from those who are unable to participate in the weekend events and will send donors a copy of the program recognizing their contributions.


Number attending

$ incl Event  
Free   Friday afternoon panels  
Free   Saturday all-day panels  
Free   Saturday evening reception  
$25/person $ Saturday luncheon, MIT Faculty Club (* Donation at least $100 requested)  
$15/person $ Sunday luncheon, India Castle Restaurant (children 5-12, $5)  
    $ * Tax-deductible donation to Morrison Disarmament Fellowship  
    $ * Other tax-deductible donation to IDDS (use payment message field to specify program)  
$ Total payment to IDDS  

2005 IDDS, 675 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA 02139, USA