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IDDS and Nuclear Freeze 25th Anniversary Events — Celebration, Education, Inspiration with Two-Day Symposium, Luncheons, and Reception

Directions, Lodging and Driving Alert


Note: All cheap hotels and B&Bs in Cambridge and Boston are sold out for the weekend, due to the Head of the Charles Regatta, an annual international skiff rowing contest. (If the weather is nice, you may want to enjoy some of this on Sunday; it starts at 7:30 am, with successive races beginning every half hour or so near the BU bridge, not far from MIT, and goes on all day until 4 pm. Click here for more information.) The only rooms available in Cambridge and downtown Boston start above $300/night.
    It is still possible to find rooms under $150/night that are on the Redline subway line, about 30 minutes from MIT, in Quincy. Use a google search for hotels “Quincy MA”. In addition, you can check the subway map for possible cheaper locations along other subway lines. For example, the green line in Brookline has some places nearby. You can see subway stops if you go to, enter Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline, or Boston, and then on the lower right-hand corner click on public transportation. All subway stops are immediately visible, with details available by hover and more details by clicking. Of course, the further out you go, the cheaper the rooms, including some under $100.
    If you are driving, there are several places out on the Mass Turnpike Extension (Newton, Framingham) which also have cheaper rates, as well as places north of Logan airport.
    We may have a few free rooms available in the homes of local people coming to the conference. If you are in need of a free room in order to be able to attend the conference, please email with subject Need Room and message including the following information: your name, address, telephone, email, how you will be coming to the conference, and when you are arriving and leaving Boston

From Logan Airport: Two choices, first about 45 minutes, second may be same or shorter, but with two changes instead of one: Option 1: Take the new airport silver line bus to South Station (using special access road); change to redline subway outbound, heading to Alewife; get off at Kendall Square. Option 2: Take the airport terminal shuttle bus to the subway Blue Line inbound, go about 4 stops; change at Government Center to the Green line (any train not going in direction of Lechmere), go one stop; change at Park St to the redline outbound heading to Alewife. I urge you not to take a taxi from the airport due to exceptionally bad traffic that weekend; there will be long delays around and in the tunnel from airport to downtown Boston.

From Amtrak (or Metro) South Station train: Following signs to the Redline “T” subway. Take the redline subway outbound heading to Alewife; get off at Kendall Square.

Driving: Note: Memorial Drive and Storrow Drive approaching MIT, and the Turnpike Extension exit leading directly to Memorial Drive, Cambridge, near MIT may be very seriously backed up on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning (even more than the usual rush hour traffic), due to the Head of the Charles Regatta, a worldwide rowing contest on the Charles River on Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 4, with rowing teams and spectators entering the city for the Regatta on Friday afternoon. For Saturday, the race course and spectators start just before the BU bridge and go down past Harvard ending near the riverside park (Herter park) in Allston. Traffic in and around Harvard Square will also be bad (or even closed).

Driving to MIT without using Storrow or Memorial Drive, the Turnpike Extension, or Harvard Sqare:
-- Driving from north and northwest and from airport in rental car (not recommended): Take route 93 (or McGrath O’Brien Highway); exit onto Washington St in Somerville. Take Washington going toward Somerville or Cambridge, to Tremont, turn left on Tremont and go to Hampshire, turn left on Hampshire. Continue on Hampshire, which merges with Broadway, to Vassar St, take a right on Vassar. Go one block and take a left on Main. Park right there in the East garage.
-- Driving from south and southwest: Use 93 as directed above, or: Take 95/128 to Route 2 to Concord Ave, or Belmont Ave via Brattle to Concord Ave. Stay on Concord to Cambridge Common. Bear left at the end of Concord (instead of turning right into Harvard Square) circle around and under Harvard overpass, bear right and come out onto Broadway. Stay on Broadway to Vassar, right on Vassar, go one block, left on Main St, park in East garage.

You can find any building or parking lot on the MIT campus at the following search page:
MIT maps are good for navigating the interior of the campus, where there are no street names. Mapquest or Yahoo maps are better for checking street names, using the address 292 Main St, Cambridge MA 02139 (east end of campus) or 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA 02139 (main entrance to MIT, mid-campus). All MIT maps have a link to Mapquest.

Overview map of MIT with street names
The MIT campus runs along the Charles River from Main St and Wadsworth (Kendall Square) at the East End to Audrey St at the West End (near the Hyatt Regency). You can see the whole campus and the streets from which meeting Buildings and parking lots are accessible on this :
Mapquest MIT map.

Arriving at MIT:
If you go to the Mapquest MIT map shown above you will see the main entrance to MIT at 77 Massachusetts Ave (Cambridge MA 02139). You can see details of the east end of campus when you specify this address: 292 Main St, Cambridge MA 02139 (the address of Building E38, Center for International Studies). 292 Main St/E38 is located right at the Kendall Square redline subway stop, exit closest to Harvard. It is across the street from the Marriott Hotel and the Harvard/MIT Coop, and close to Legal Seafood Restaurant.

Directions to Friday and Saturday panels if coming by Redline subway (the “T”):
Map with Overview from Kendall Square Subway Station to Buildings 54 and 26

Exit the redline Kendall Square station at the end of the train near Harvard (across from or next to 292 Main St / E38). From there, walk straight through the beginning of the MIT campus to and a few steps down Carleton St. Go up the first stairs on your right and through the medical Building (E23), coming out on the other side facing the Ames St. Cross Ames St, and then walk forward through the campus about one block until you can see Building 54 (tall and skinny, on two stubby legs) on your left, the location for the Friday panels. For the Saturday panels in Building 26, keep going past Building 54 to the end of the campus walkway; go through the glass doors on the right, and then down the hall to the right past vending machines. You will go through an outside passage that is covered and then into Building 26.

Directions to Friday and Saturday panels if coming from the main MIT entrance on Massachusetts Ave, by bus (or dropped off by car) and to cheap eats for lunch on Saturday (instead of the $25 Morrison luncheon):

Busses and eateries:
Busses stop in front of the main entrance to MIT, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA 02139 (see MBTA website for bus lines and schedules). The MIT entrance has lots of steps going up into Building 7. On the opposite side of the street, to the right, is the Student Center. There are several places to eat or get take out food in the student center, all quite reasonable. There is usually also a falafel/sandwich truck near the MIT main entrance around lunch time.

To get from 77 Mass. Ave to the Green Building (Building 54) for the Friday program, go up the steps into Building 7, down the long hall (known as the “infinite corridor”), and out the door at the other end. Turn left out the door, then walk forward (same direction as infinite corridor) until you come to the Green Building (This involves going past and slightly around Building 16).

To ge from 77 Mass. Ave to the Compton Building (Building 26), take same path up steps and through main Building. When you get to the end of the Infinite Corridor, do not go out the door; instead turn left just before the door, go down the stairs and continue forward through Building 16. Exit that Building, cross outdoor passageway, and enter Building 26.

Directions to Vannevar Bush Building 13 for Reception, 6-8 pm
Map with Overview of Building 13 and Other Buildings

Bathroom Note: Please use the bathrooms in Building 26, Building 16, Building 9 or any of the main buildings – 7, 10, 8 – before going to the reception, where there may be long lines.

If going to the reception from Building 26: go back to the covered passageway in the middle of Building 26. Take a right, go forward one short block. Building 13 will be on your left.

If going directly to the reception from the MIT main entrance at 77 Mass. Ave: Facing the stairs, take a left and walk half way down the block toward Vassar Street. Go past Building 9 (modern) and at the driveway that is blocked with a chain, turn right and walk forward. The next major door entrance on the right (about one short block forward) is the Building 13 lobby, where you will see preparations or reception underway through glass walls.

If going directly to the reception from the Kendall Square redline T stop:
Exit the redline Kendall Square station at the end of the train near Harvard (292 Main St/Building 38). Walk straight through the beginning of the MIT campus to and a few steps down Carleton St. Go up the first stairs on your right and through the Medical Building (Building E23), coming out on the other side facing the Wiesner Building and Ames St. Cross Ames St, and then walk forward through the campus until you reach the end of the campus walkway. Go through the glass doors on the right into Building 16, turn left, exit through glass doors in front of you. Turn right and walk forward until you come to roadway (one block). Turn left on roadway and walk one block forward. Building 13 will be on your left, glass-enclosed lobby.

Directions to the MIT Faculty Club for the Morrison Luncheon
The Faculty Club is at the east end of the campus, near Kendall Square, in Building E52 (Sloane School) Faculty Club E52 Map

To Faculty Club by public transportation: The redline T stop at Kendall Square is close by. Exit from the end of the train closest to Boston and walk toward Charles River/Boston until you come to Wadsworth St. Take a right on Wadsworth, walk up to Memorial Drive, take a left, and enter the Sloan School. Take elevator to 6th Floor.

Parking near the Faculty Club: The Sloan Lot Directly next to Building 52. Entrance to the lot is at the intersection of Main and Broadway streets. Sloan Parking Lot Map
Wheelchair/handicapped access: Near the Sloane building, the parking lot has a ramp down under Dewey. Park there, entrance to Sloane through door to left of ramp leads to an elevator that goes to 6th floor.

Walking between the Faculty Club and Saturday panels in Building 26: From room 26-100, walk back toward Building 16. Continue through building 16, bear left and exit through glass doors into courtyard. Keep going forward, through or left around Hayden library, until you reach Memorial Drive. Turn left. Go forward on Memorial Drive across Ames St, then one long block, across Wadsworth. Sloane School is on the corner, entrance on Memorial Drive.


Parking close to Friday Panels in Green Building (Building 54):
East Garage Parking Lot Map
Starting at 2:30 on Friday and for the rest of the weekend, this garage is open to visitors. The entrance is on Main Street, just past the corner of Vassar street heading toward Boston. From the back end of the garage it is a short walk--out of the garage, then into and out of a glass enclosed passageway--to Building 54.

Parking close to Saturday Panels and Reception (Buildings 26 and 13):
• Best choice is East Garage (see above), even though it is a bit further to these buildings.

Other choices for reception parking are three smaller outdoor lots. The first two of these may be slightly closer to Building 13, compared with East Garage:
N-10 Parking Lot Map on Albany Street near Mass Ave, open to visitors starting at 5 pm on Friday for the weekend.
Kresge Lot Map, open to visitors starting at 5 pm on Friday afternoon and for rest of weekend; entrance from Mass. Ave via Amherst Alley.
West Annex Lot Map on Vassar street (next the West Garage), open to visitors starting at 2:30 pm on Friday afternoon and for rest of weekend. (a bit of a hike from Mass. Ave)


2005 IDDS, 675 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA 02139, USA