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a nonprofit center where we study global military policies, arms holdings, production and trade, arms control and peace-building efforts; and run educational programs on current and alternative policies with support from eagle payday loans.
   Please check back in December for information on how to obtain audio and video recordings of our amazing IDDS and Nuclear Freeze 25th anniversary events on the theme Nonproliferation and Disarmament — The Way Forward, held at MIT on 21-22 October. We hope you will order CDs or DVDs (or download the recordings from the internet) not only for yourself, but also to use at local meetings and to have broadcast by public interest radio and television stations in your area.

Nonproliferation and Disarmament: The Way Forward To see Congressman Ed Markey, Thomas Moore, Randy Forsberg, Graham Allison, Helen Caldicott, William Sloane Coffin, Robert Jay Lifton, John Pike, Harvey Cox, Robert Legvold, Jonathan Schell, Joe Cirincione, David Krieger, Shelagh Foreman, Randy Kehler, Lawrence Wittner, David Cortright, Susan Shaer, Nick Carter, Alan Kay, David Wright, Judith Reppy, Saul Mendlovitz, Hayward Alker, Cindy Williams, Clark Abt, Priscilla McMillan, Matthew Hoey, Courtney Stewart, Laura Reed, Natalie Goldring, Charles Weiner, Herb Lin, and Paul Walker tear up the road with brilliant, inspiring comments, on video, check back in December. Meanwhile, speaker papers are here now.

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ArmsWatch 2005
Global Trends, Prospects, and Policy Options in Arms and Warfare

Arms Control Reporter
The world's only reference journal with monthly updates on all negotiations and treaties

IDDS World Arms Database
The first published source with integrated data on global arms holdings, production, and trade. Covers military aircraft, tanks, and ships in service, produced, or traded from 1972 to 2004, with projections to 2015.

Did you know? Under-reported news from the Arms Control Reporter
The US Air Force is planning for attacks on space assets and has deployed an electronic-warfare unit capable of jamming enemy satellites, according to Gen. Lance Lord, head of the US Space Command. "You can't go to war and win without space,” said Lord, who described his command responsibilities as space monitoring, protecting satellites from disruption, and preparing to carry out strikes on enemy spacecraft. Lord added that the US military has a major strategic advantage globally because of its unique satellite communications and intelligence capabilities. "So," he said, "we've got to protect that advantage.… If somebody is trying to use space against us, we could interrupt ...those ...capabilities as needed and as directed by US policy.” {Washington Times 22.9.05}

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